the road

Every time I think about the road to brought me to all the places and wonderful things I have today, I’d have to say it started when I sat down in detox and did my intake. When I answered questions about my drug history and drug use it was a timeline of where my life went wrong. Sitting in detox sharing stories about drug use and bullshitting about where our lives brought us to end up there made me see that I’m not a horrible person and it was the drugs that made me do all the things I’ve done – because these people have done the same. Being around all these people who’ve done what I’ve done and gotten to where I’ve gotten, made me realize I’m not alone and I can do this. 

After detox I continued to treatment and met even more people that were like me. I’ve seen myself in all of these people and i learned about myself I never thought I could. I remember the day in treatment where I felt the most growth was when I woke up and didn’t care about when I was leaving, and knew I’d get out when I’m ready and the right things will happen if I just continue to do the right thing. When it was finally time to leave treatment I was so nervous and didn’t want to leave what was comforting to me, didn’t want to leave the people I’ve met – staff and peers – i was ready to leave the only place I’ve known without drugs. But as scared and as nervBy Amber Nagyous as I was, I knew they wouldn’t have let me leave and said I was ready to go if I didn’t grow… I knew they let me complete treatment at just the right time. They’ve helped me grow and learn about life, I had new experiences I never would have imagined having and matured enough to start building my foundation. 

After that, when life starts showing up, and you’re working and have bills to pay, etc. I know if I didn’t have the foundation I built from treatment, I can’t say I’d be where I am today. Thankfully I am and I can’t imagine going back to the life I lived before this experience. 

by amber nagy

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