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The core components of our Daily Life consists of:

Residents required to attend approved outpatient program


12-Step Meeting Participation


Random Drug Testing & Toxicology Screenings


24-Hour On-Site Manager


Transportation Available


Earned Privileges & Responsibilities


Employment & Education Options


Weekly Check-Ins


Gym Memberships


Enforced Curfews

Halfway House
A sober living residence for recovering alcoholics and drug addicts.

We provide sober living houses for recovering alcohol and drug addicts that is safe, structured, and above all, conducive to living a productive life free of chemical dependency. Each aspect of daily life encompasses our sober living principals that there are certain things we do for you, certain things we expect you to do, and certain things that we will accomplish together. As a sober living house, we are committed to helping you start over your life and transition from drug addiction treatment back into your community. This transition is begins with a 12 step program, personal growth, and sober living program that will guide you into a meaningful life.

There are a number of critical steps on the road to recovery from substance or alcohol addiction. The first is admitting you are addicted. The second is seeking help. The third is spending time in a rehabilitation center. It is after this third step that you’re at the greatest risk of relapse, especially if you have spent some time in a residential recovery treatment center and then return to your home community.
This is the point where a sober living environment can significantly reduce the chances of a relapse and make your drug or alcohol recovery a more sure process. Taking up residence in a sober living halfway house is an important transitional step between the necessarily rigid and protective structure of residential treatment and the complete derestriction of life back at home.
While staying at a halfway house, you will remain relatively protected from environmental influences which may cause a relapse. At the same time, you will continue to receive outpatient treatment for your addiction. Unlike residential rehabilitation centers, a sober house allow you certain freedoms, while also placing responsibilities and accountabilities on you in a graduated way.