Our Program

Our Program for Sober Living in Florida


Integrated Treatment and Therapy

While residing at a sober home, you will want to participate in a program of drug or alcohol rehabilitation and recovery. Our own program is tailored to complement the advantages of life at a halfway house for recovering addicts and includes the following treatment options.

Intensive Outpatient Program

Life at our sober homes is a little less structured and rigid than the regime in a full residential rehabilitation center. However, we still require our clients to take part in a number of structured treatments and therapeutic activities. One such requirement is that you attend our intensive outpatient program.

Our own intensive outpatient program takes a collaborative approach based on 12-step rehabilitation modalities. We take a multidisciplinary approach to rehabilitation and our exclusive system follows a relapse-prevention curriculum.

We begin with a thorough information-gathering exercise, which includes the following measures:
• Asking for information from you and your family to discover your addiction symptoms
• Gaining an understanding of your challenges at work and in school
• Finding out about issues existing between you and your friends or family
• Contacting any providers who have treated you previously
• Compiling facts from your medical and psychiatric history
• Assessing any treatment progress which may already have been made

Medical and Psychiatric Assessment

After gathering your information, we then undertake an in-depth assessment of your medical and psychiatric status. You will be assessed by some or all of the following specialists from our highly skilled drug and alcohol rehabilitation team:
• A Primary and a family therapist
• A Psychiatrist (MD) and an Internal medicine physician (MD)
• An Addiction specialist
• A Registered dietitian (RD)
• An Eating disorder specialist, if appropriate

A Collaborative Path to Recovery

All the knowledge gathered by our team will finally be integrated into a treatment plan, which we’ll share with you and add your input and ideas for reaching your treatment goals. The plan will include a range of elective treatments both for your addiction and for any co-occurring conditions. Our team takes a collaborative approach throughout your treatment program and encourages you to take ownership of your progress.

Comprehensive Range of Treatments

As well as group and individual therapy using traditional behavioral, cognitive and psychotherapy-based treatments, we also specialize in EMDR and acupuncture treatment for some types of addiction and/or mental or emotional disorders.
Our overarching priority is to maximize your chances of full recovery and to prevent relapses from impeding your sober living progress. That’s why we apply the most advanced methodologies in drug and alcohol rehab, administered by a team of practitioners as professional and experienced as you are likely to find anywhere.

Your journey to recovery can start right now. Just contact us at (800) 518-5205 to find out more or schedule an initial consultation.