One Day at a Time

One Day at a Time

Life in recovery from addiction is often lived one minute at a time. The goal of Sober Living rehab facilities is to help people recovering from addictions grow beyond the minute to minute living and learn to live life one day at a time. Struggling from minute to minute, fighting the call of our addiction, can be the trigger that sends us right back into the addiction. That is why the staff at Sober Living halfway houses offers counseling, group therapy, and supportive programs.

The Journey Back from Addiction

In our addiction we avoid dealing with our core issues. In recovery, we are guided to heal these core issues:


When we were little and our reality was denied or our parents failed us, we learned not to trust others. When we could not understand why God had let these painful things happen to us, we learned to distrust God. In the Sober Living programs we learn to trust ourselves, and we learn to trust in a power greater than ourselves that some of us call God.


Fear is a core issue that we medicated with our addictions. When we get clean and sober, we have to come face to face with fear and learn to deal with it. In our sobriety we learn that fear is nothing more than False Evidence Appearing Real.

Fear of Authority Figures

When we give up our power to others, we place ourselves at their mercy, and we learn to fear what they will do to us. In recovery at Sober Living rehab, we learn to take back our power by owning our feelings and stating them in a healthy manner.


As children, when the adults in our lives are out of control, we learn early on to begin controlling whatever we can control, including other people. The programs at the halfway house teach us that control is an illusion and that we need to let go and let the God of our understanding be in charge of our lives.


We learned when we were young to feel bad about who we are. Shame is feeling bad about who we are, and guilt is feeling bad about what we do. In unhealthy family systems, children are shamed for many things:

-The baby who is told that he is a “bad boy” for performing a natural bodily function in his diaper -The little girl who is told that she is “silly” for being afraid of the dark -The little boys and girls who are called “stupid, crazy, little terrors, terrible twos, dumb, or ignorant.”

In the sober community living, we learn that we are worthwhile individuals despite our behavior, and that we can learn to modify our behavior.


Most of us have so much toxic anger we have stored up and carried around with us for years that we have a tough time dealing with anger in the moment. When something or someone engenders our anger, we either turn it inward (depression or suicidal ideology) or outward, letting the toxic stored anger dump all over people. Sober living means we access and process our toxic anger and learn healthy anger management tools in the programs offered by the Sober Living halfway houses.


If we were emotionally or physically abandoned as children, we learned to fear the loss of people for whom we cared. This leads us to cling to things, activities, and people who are unhealthy for us. Sobriety means letting go of unhealthy things and people. As we learn healthy tools for living at the Sober Living halfway houses, we learn to live life one day at a time. We work and play side by side with others who are learning and growing also.