Our Mission and Core Values


After Detox From Heroin The Next Step Is Life

The first step in getting sober is detoxification. The best medication for the process is suboxone or subutex. First you will see the nurse for assessment and history. Next you will do a medical history and physical. Smoking is allowed, and cigarettes are kept on hand. Gourmet kitchen is always open. detoxing from heroin is painless when it is done right. Licensed therapist available for counseling. Fear of withdrawal symptoms should not keep you from checking in to rehab. Male and female facilities are necessary for suboxone detox programs.

For clients who relapse during their treatment, we want you to come back when you are ready to get clean. You will have to follow all the rules and go to aa meetings. If you used opiates for more than a week during the relapse you may need to attend outpatient heroin detox for 5 to 7 days depending on the medical staff opinion.

Individual Sober Living for Healthier Community Life

  At Sober Living Florida, our mission is to improve the lives of those who struggle with alcohol and drug addiction, supporting them and their families in achieving healthier, happier lives. By helping individuals reach sobriety one step at a time, we hope to build a brighter future for the community at large.

Core Values at Sober Living

Our core values are what motivate and drive us to put our all into the care, well being and progress of those who join us for alcohol and drug rehab and recovery. By living and breathing these values, we hope to see all clients leave our care determined that addiction will never again take control of their own or their families’ lives.

    • Empathy: Because our organization was born through the experience of helping a loved-one through the journey to sober living, we can relate to and empathize with our clients. When any of our team members tell you they know how you feel, it’s because they actually can relate to the feelings and emotions that accompany addiction, rehab and recovery.


    • Fixing the Cause: Most people who find themselves in the grip of addiction do so because of an underlying factor. Our therapists seek to identify and resolve the pre or coexisting conditions that can otherwise promote relapses during alcohol and drug recovery.


  • Partnership: When you join us here at Sober Living Florida, you become a partner, not a patient. We don’t work on you, we work with you. While resident in a sober home, you are part of a committed partnership with our supportive and caring team, taking accountability and making a commitment to your own journey to sober living.