Heroin Detox Program

Before you get to sober living or move to a halfway house, you need to complete a heroin detox program. It is recommended to attend treatment for drug addiction for 30 or 60 days. President Obama is pushing a new protocol for heroin rehab using suboxone on a long term maintenance basis. It is not recommended to go to halfway house directly from detox. You need at least 2 weeks inpatient treatment before moving in to a sober living residence. We bring AA meetings into the detox center twice a week. We also bring NA and CA in to the heroin rehab facility once a week. This gives patients a foundation for recovery after they discharge. Nutritional healing is a basic protocol for detoxification from opiates.  Healthy food and snacks are available in the kitchen along with sugar filled drinks and chocolate bars. Detoxing from heroin makes you crave sweets like ice cream and cherry pie.


Withdrawals from pain medication and  withdrawal symptoms from heroin are similar as they are all opiate synthesized  products. Patients suffering from being dope sick are made very comfortable while in outpatient heroin detox centers, where you live at home and come to the doctors office every day to be checked.

“My boyfriend and I used drugs together for 7 months. One day we made the decision to go cold turkey. That was horrible, we were so sick and had  headaches and uncontrolled bowels and vomiting all over the place. Abdominal pain was torture for both of us. Finally we decided to check in to detox for heroin addiction. We received suboxone and ativan and the severe cramps and other symptoms subsided. One week is usually all it takes for the process to complete. When we were done we attended inpatient rehab for 30  days then moved to the halfway house at sober living florida. They accept couples which made us very happy.” Sarah J