Group Therapy

Our hopes are to have clients understand their addiction and issues from a medical standpoint. Our process groups are targeted towards learning how to communicate honestly and effectively. These groups also encourage patients to cover a variety of topics they wish to address with group interaction. In doing this we allow patients to obtain problem solving strategies in order to prevent relapse.

We know addiction is never really “cured,” it’s important that you remain involved with outpatient treatment after leaving a primary residential treatment center. Having the support of professionals and peers is important in your recovery, This will help you successfully navigate the temptations and emotional/environmental triggers that threaten your sobriety. Temptation, stress, social situations, broken trust in relationships, and many other things can threaten your sobriety once you’re back in “the real world,” by maintaining therapy sessions with a therapist or counselor, you’ll be much better prepared to successfully overcome these triggers. Only by coping with the challenges that await you upon completion of your time in rehab will you be able to live a truly sober and healthy life … one day at a time.