FAQ About Sober Living in Florida

We hope you find our website informative and engaging, with all the information you need to understand our mission and what we do. As with most topics though, there are always a few questions which visitors to our site and to our facilities frequently ask. We list a few of these frequently-asked questions here on this page, along with their answers.

Do I have a problem?
Why not let professionals help with that answer? We will complete a thorough assessment and give you a definitive answer and individualize treatment plans based on your needs.
When can I talk to someone?
There is someone available 24/7 and your call is confidential. Call us at 800-518-5205 with any of your questions.
What to expect when I call?
You can expect friendly compassionate people able to answer your questions and give you guidance on how to make treatment fit into your busy schedule.
How do I pay?
Sober Living accepts most insurances. If you do not have insurance we will work with you to create a flexible plan.
What if I don’t want anyone to know?
All help is confidential. Under federal law, HIPAA, your information is protected by privacy law and cannot be shared without consent.
Why should I choose Sober Living?
• Scholarship available
• Transportation To AA/NA Meetings, Shopping, Medical
• Relapse Prevention Groups
• All Sober Living Staff have Over 2 Years In Recovery
• Guided by 12 Step Principles
What addictions do you treat?
• Cocaine
• Benzodiazepines
• Alcohol
• Barbiturates
• Meth
• Opiates (Heroin, Hydrocodone, Percocet, and Oxycontin)
• Amphetamines

We also treat anyone suffering from mental illness and drug addiction, as well as, eating disorders and patients affected by trauma.
Do you offer a fully structured inpatient program?
No, Sober Living Florida specializes in providing sober living accommodation with integrated outpatient therapy, including group therapy and other treatments such as acupuncture and EMDR.
Do you provide transportation for halfway house residents?
Yes, we can provide transportation as necessary for you to attend AA or NA meetings, and to attend outpatient appointments.
How can I be sure other residents won’t discuss me with people outside the halfway house?
It is a condition of our program that participants respect one another confidentiality and do not discuss the program or its members with anyone who isn’t themselves a part of the program. Since most residents divulge personal experiences and information during group therapy sessions, there tends to be a mutual respect for confidentiality at our sober homes and our treatment facilities.
What happens if I suffer a relapse while staying at the halfway house?
Unfortunately, if you test positive for drugs or alcohol while resident in a halfway house, the management may ask you to leave for 72 hours. However, we will do our utmost to provide you with continued treatment and to readmit you to a halfway house when you can demonstrate consistent progress towards sobriety.
How long will I need to stay at a sober living halfway house?
The duration of tenure varies, depending on the needs of each individual. However, a stay of between six months and a year is a realistic expectation.
Can I participate in your intensive outpatient program without staying at a halfway house?
Yes, in fact the intensive outpatient program is advantageous to clients who wish to remain in their normal home and community. You can apply what you learn immediately in a real-world environment and you won’t need to make the big adjustment from institutional to independent living.
How many group therapy sessions must I attend each week?
If you are enrolled in our intensive outpatient program, you are expected to attend three sessions per week. If you are in the standard outpatient program, you should attend two group sessions and one session of individual therapy per week.
Can I come and go as I please when staying at a halfway house?
Yes, within reason. You will be expected to take employment or to do volunteer work as a condition of your stay with us, so you will need the freedom to do your job. You are also free to go out and do your own thing, as long as it’s not drug or alcohol-related. However we do enforce a strict curfew, so you must be on the halfway house premises during the hours of curfew.

The above questions are just a few of those most frequently asked by our prospective clients. If you have a question which is not answered here or elsewhere on our site pages, please don’t hesitate to make contact with us using the email form on our contact page or by phone at (800) 518-5205.