Drug Rehab For Uninsured Clients

Drug Rehab for the Uninsured is Hard to Find



Making the decision to enter a drug rehabilitation treatment program for substance addiction is hard enough without having to stress over its financial costs. Of course, if you are suffering from an addiction, then the price to pay for rehab is priceless.

Unfortunately, things aren’t always that cut-and-dry. In the real world, bills won’t stop coming in, rent will always need to be paid and if you are one of the millions of uninsured, then you have the cost of the rehab itself to worry about.

How can you enter an addiction treatment program and only focus on getting your health back, rather than the piling stack of bills accumulating while you’re away?

Here are some tips on entering a rehabilitation program without insurance:

Payment Plans For Treatment

There are many drug and substance abuse rehab treatment centers that will offer payment plans that can be set up ahead of time. This is a convenient option because it lets you space out your treatment cost and better manage it along with your other bills.

These payment plans can be made with the facilities before you enter an addiction program. Simply speak with the administrators or billing department when considering a facility and get the terms of the payment plan in writing.

Sliding Scale Fees

Among the facilities that offer payment plans, there are some that also offer payment plans on a sliding fee basis. What that means is that the facility bases their fees on your income.

If you are entering a drug or alcohol rehabilitation facility without insurance, this fee structure will probably be the most flexible option.

With the sliding scale fee offer, you will essentially only pay what you can afford. Being open and honest with the administrators and billing department about your financial situation is your best bet for getting the most affordable care within your income.

Nonprofit Groups

This option can be the most comprehensive choice. While not every state in the country may have a nonprofit organization designed to help those suffering from substance abuse, there are many states that do.

If you live in an area that has a local nonprofit organization for drug and alcohol rehab you can typically find reduced cost or free care without insurance.

If you do not live in an area that has one of these nonprofit groups, you can always call them and speak to someone about locating resources for you to receive treatment. Some groups can help you find grants that will pay for your addiction treatment.

The good thing about nonprofit groups is that the people working there are there to help the cause of the organization. They can be one of your best resources because they have access to information and programs that you may never have known about or considered.


Medicaid is a federal program that is designed for low-income US citizens that do not have health insurance. If you qualify for Medicaid, then obtaining free or low-cost drug or alcohol rehabilitation treatment is very possible.

You can apply for Medicaid online and speak to agents if you have any issues or need questions answered. Most drug and alcohol rehab facilities accept Medicaid.


Getting help for substance addiction is extremely important. It can help you mend relationships, regain your physical and mental health and let you lead a happier more fulfilled life.

Don’t let money be the barrier between you and the solutions you know you need. Follow the simple tips outlined in this article and start taking control of your life.