treatment for heroin addict

Downward Spiral

My life has been nothing but a downward spiral for the past few years and finally it’s starting to look up. I’d always see those commercials for treatment and thought it was a joke. I thought these were obviously actors because addiction is so low and dark and these people looked so happy, I never believed it was possible. I didn’t believe that people could smile after experiencing such darkness, I didn’t believe I would ever smile again. 

Treatment changed & saved my life. In treatment I thought the rules and waking up early and all of that was irrelevant in saving my life – in getting me clean. But after being clean for some time now – and out of treatment i see how the little things are what got me clean and are keeping me clean today. I learned accountability, I learned patience and I learned tolerance. That’s not all, but I did learn those things and all those things help me stay clean on a daily basis . I couldn’t imagine living without getting High, without drinking and now I can’t imagine going back to that life. I can’t and don’t want to imagine waking

Up sick and suffering ever again. 

by amber nagy

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