Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

Ditch the Addiction Without the Disruption

It’s a sad and alarming reality that anyone, from any walk of life can become addicted to drugs or alcohol. Addiction knows no social distinctions and lies waiting for anyone weakened by difficult circumstances or underlying emotional issues. Because it can affect such a diverse range of people, its treatment too, must be tailored to a variety of needs and circumstances.

If you’re determined to beat your alcohol or drug addiction, but would find a residential program too much of a disruption, an intensive outpatient program might be the most suitable solution. Instead of checking into a residential alcohol and drug rehab facility, an intensive outpatient program requires that you attend treatment and therapy sessions on an almost daily basis. You can receive your treatment in the morning or in the evening, so it need not interfere with your work or if you are a student, your education.

Some Benefits of an Intensive Outpatient Rehab Program

While an outpatient program is not for everyone, there are a number of advantages to be had from attending intensive therapy without checking in as a resident at a rehab center. For example:

• You can continue working, studying or caring for your family
• You can retain anonymity, with no lengthy time away from home to explain
• You can apply new life skills and sober-living techniques immediately in your home environment
• You can take part in both group and individual therapy sessions
• Because it’s almost a daily routine, you build up a great peer support network
• You can enjoy a strong social element, with weekend outings, movie nights and similar events
• You have access to the same professional help and care as those who join residential recovery programs

Treatment and Therapy

When you attend an intensive outpatient drug or alcohol recovery program, you can expect to be involved in the following methods of treatment and therapy:

• Group therapy (perhaps three times per week)
• Individual therapy (once or twice a week)
• Attendance at 12-step modality meetings
• Life-skills counseling, coaching and training
• Relapse prevention
• Vocational classes
• Social events

The Intensive Outpatient Program From Sober Living Florida

Because we recognize that residential rehabilitation centers aren’t right for everyone, Sober Living Florida provides an intensive outpatient program designed to help you beat alcoholism or substance addiction without giving up your day-to-day life. To find out more about our programs, just give us a call at (800) 518-5205, where our friendly and professional team is waiting to help you or someone you care about.