Sober Living Florida

At Sober Living Florida, we’re committed to helping our clients recover fully after detox from heroin or substance abuse addiction.

In keeping with this goal, our organization incorporates all the expertise and heroin rehab facilities needed for patients on the road to sobriety. Sober Living Halfway Houses form a vital component of our overall program and provide a full-time, supportive environment in which you or your loved one can recover from addiction and make the successful transition to sober living. Our dedication is founded on first-hand experience of heroin addicts and drug recovery. Sober Living Florida was founded by the Stone family after one of our own became lost in the grip of addiction. Together, the family fought hard to support our loved one through the detox center and recovery process. As a result of the experience, we decided to found a rehab organization to help other heroin addicts in the same position.

Start Your Life Over at a Halfway House in Florida

Alcohol or drug recovery is truly a process of starting over. As part of our program, Sober Living Houses enable you to regain the productive, meaningful and independent life taken away by dependence on alcohol and/or chemical substances. As a resident, after completing detoxification from heroin, you can enjoy comfortable surroundings and modern amenities, benefit from the compassion, professionalism and support of our professional caregivers and take the progressive steps that lead to long-term freedom from heroin addiction. Our sober living houses are conveniently situated for access to business and commercial districts in South Florida. The convenient rehab locations facilitate employment and educational progress for residents.

Together We’re Stronger—Together We’re Sober

While resident in a Sober Living heroin rehab facility, there are of course, some rules and guidelines which must be followed. Our aim is not to provide a hiding place, but a safe, secure and supportive base from which to commence a rebirth as your own person, free from the destructive grip of heroin or other opiates, where the memory of your addiction remains only as a shadow urging you forward to a life of sobriety. To this end, you and your fellow residents will have individual and shared responsibilities in maintaining the home environment as well as in working towards your return to unsupervised life. For example,after detox, you will need to attend an outpatient program, participate in 12-step meetings, consent to random alcohol/drug tests, attend peer support meetings and comply with the house curfew rules.

Heroin Detox Florida: The Benefits

Your compliance with these responsibilities will be more than rewarded by the benefits of residency at our sober homes. During your stay with us, you will: 1) Forge strong friendships and alliances with those who have shared all the same ups and downs on the road to addiction recovery. 2) Receive help in attaining/regaining life skills of which addiction may have robbed you 3) Benefit from a support network committed to seeing your successful return to everyday alcohol or drug-free life. heroin detox in florida