4 Reasons to Consider a Halfway House

4 Reasons to Consider a Halfway House

Going through an addiction recovery program can be a long, difficult process. When you successfully complete your program, you’ll be sorely missing the things you lacked while in treatment; freedom, friends, and independence. But how do you balance your need for personal freedom with an on-going need for support, now that intensive treatment is over? How do you get back to your daily life once you’ve been through such an intense experience, and how can you easily transition from being in a controlled environment one day, to home the next? If you’re looking for a safe, fun, and enjoyable environment to ease your integration back into everyday life, a halfway house might be for you.

Support From Those That Understand

A halfway house can be a very important aspect of your journey to sober living. In fact, many find it to be an exciting, affirming step! Why? Because it is transitioning (slowly but surely) back into normal life, drug and alcohol free. In this transitional living community you are surrounded by others, just like you, who understand your struggles, and can share their life experiences with you. Here, you are able to support one another and help each other stay away from the outside temptations of drugs, alcohol, or a bad crowd who might encourage you to relapse. This is very important for living sober and successfully getting back on your feet, especially during such a crucial time in your recovery.

The Taste of Freedom

A recovery house also gives you more freedom than you would have in a treatment facility! Rather than being stuck inside all day with a bunch of doctors telling you what to do and when to do it, you have the freedom of coming and going as you please. A big part of recovery is regaining the trust and respect of the people in your life – while residing here, we extend that trust to you, while still supporting you through programs such as the Intensive Outpatient Program. After all that time in a controlled environment, living in a house rather than a hospital is a welcome change.

Growing Stronger Through the Right Choices

An IOP house will test you. With more freedom than an inpatient facility, it is important to make the right choices. Returning to the house at or before curfew, doing your chores, and being strict about your recovery process are all great ways to show the people in your life that you are committed to recovery. A halfway house will test your determination, and it may sometimes be tough to make the right calls. But, with a house full of people supporting you and cheering you on, your chances of successfully completing the program greatly increase.

Easing Back into Daily Life

Easing back into normal life is the key in increasing your odds of successfully completing the program. While you are slowly getting back into the flow of day-to-day life and finding new employment, you are also rebuilding your confidence. By living in this safe setting and making the right choices, you are grabbing the bull by the horns, tackling your demons, and taking your life back.

Why Not?

With all this in mind, it’s hard to argue against the idea of a recovery house. It’s a great way to regain independence without being thrown back into the chaos and instability of your former life. In our residential homes, you’ll learn skills and techniques to succeed in your recovery even when you return to your life in the outside world. There’s a lot to gain from taking up this residency, so be sure to give this program serious consideration while going through treatment. Food for thought in considering a halfway house provided by Sober Living Florida.