Sober Living Program Reviews

Sober Living Program Reviews

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Transitional housing provides a safe environment for the recovering addict after completing a residential drug treatment program. Structure is an important part of early recovery and the step down process. One of the main reasons individuals in early recovery choose to continue after treatment in a sober living environment is for the added accountability and fellowship with others on the same journey. There is security in knowing all your roommates are sober and attending 12-step meetings on a nightly basis. This ensures that your surroundings are appropriate for those who are truly trying to embrace their new life free of alcohol and other drugs. Picking the right sober living program can be the difference in staying clean or relapsing.

Most recovery homes are privately owned, although some are owned by addiction treatment centers or foundations. Even if a sober living facility is privately owned, many of these sober homes are somehow connected with the local AA or NA community or local Intensive Outpatient Programs.

Sober Living Facilities

Programs Offering Sober Living with IOP

If you are in early recovery, finding the best structured environment possible is essential in order for you to be successful in your journey to stay clean and sober. This guide will help you locate a solid program. Intensive outpatient treatment is required at most sober living houses. You will attend group therapy three to five days per week. Group settings in an Intensive Outpatient Program are typically facilitated by a therapist and the group consists of your peers who are often in early recovery. Groups have themes and ideas that are presented and the main goal of group is processing of current emotions and needs. IOP will also consist of weekly individual sessions with your therapist. Individual sessions with a therapist is where you will be focusing on yourself. Your therapist will have a customized treatment care plan for you according to your individual needs.

Some qualities of a great IOP are ones who provide career and employment assistance, help with legal issues, and assist you in obtaining food stamps. Working through the first few steps is typically included as a part of your individualized treatment plan. You will learn about sponsorship and other basic 12 step suggestions.

A good IOP will integrate you with the local recovery community. You will have the chance to attend multiple 12 step based meetings and meet others in the same situation as you. This is a chance to make new friends who are living their lives without the influence of drugs or alcohol.

What To Look For in a Sober Living House

As previously mention, choosing the right sober living home can be the decision between success in recovery or failure. When it comes to a life or death decision there are many aspects that should be considered. Below is a checklist of characteristics a sober living facility should have if they are a credible sober home and appropriate for someone seeking housing in early recovery.

  1. Location of the housing should always be in a safe community with a low crime rate. It is important in early recovery to have your surroundings free of local crime and with positively influences businesses.
  2. High Accountability. Make sure there is drug testing on a regular basis. You cannot stay clean if people are using in the house.
  3. Close Proximity to the local AA and NA communities. The residence should be Walking distance to AA meetings and near a bus stop or some form of public transportation.
  4. There should be staff  available 24 hours a day, or preferably a live-in house manager with a minimum of 6 months-a year clean, the house manager should also be active in their own recovery.
  5. Make sure there are rules for cleaning and hygiene standards. All individuals living in early recovery should be held to certain cleanliness standards for their personal self and living quarters, these should be enforced by house management.

Co-ed Sober Living Homes

When it comes to sober living facilities, there are male only and female only recovery residences or co-ed housing. The general idea about co-ed housing according to the addiction treatment field is against mixing males and females in rooming situations, but there co-ed sober living homes.

If a sober living facility does have co-ed housing options it is important that they are associated with a credible IOP program that specializes in couples addiction treatment. Co-ed housing can be a slippery slope and many are known to be “flop houses” so be cautious when choosing a couples sober living facility and take a tour of the housing before making any arrangements. We can help you find a co-ed recovery residence in many cities nationwide that are credible and will go along with your goals in early recovery.


Sober Living Offering Medication Assisted Therapy (MAT)

Medication assisted treatment is becoming widely accepted in many parts of United States. The conversation across the treatment industry is changing when it comes MAT treatment because it is obvious that there is no cure-all answer for drug or alcohol addiction. When MAT treatment has been proven to save lives, it becomes a treatment  Suboxone or Subutex eliminates cravings for heroin and other opiate drugs. The success rate for addicts is much better with medication assisted treatment, relapse rates are literally cut in half when MAT treatment is applied to their treatment care plan.  We can guide you in finding a sober living program that offers Suboxone maintenance under doctor supervision.

Another widely common medication used in treatment of drug dependency is Vivitrol. Vivitrol is a monthly prescribed injection that blocks the opioid receptors in the brain from feeling the effects from any opioid based drug or alcohol. This has been successful in many cases, because even if the user wants to get high, they are not able to if it is within the 30 days of the Vivitrol injection.

We have access to many sober living facilities that are associated with MAT Treatment Programming. Each MAT Care Plan is tailored to the individual’s needs. Learn more about Sober Living’s options for sober living facilities that offer MAT Treatment.

Advice on LGBTQ Sober Living Communities

Those who identify as gays or lesbians in active addiction can find appropriate housing that will support their lifestyle in recovery. These programs are geared specifically toward the LGBT community, and offer group therapy along with individual counseling. Sober living for the LGBTQ community allows the client to live with the gender they are self-identifying with.

It is important as someone from the LBBTQ to have a specialized program that is accepting and made for their individual needs. There are many issues that the LGBTQ community face and these issues should all be addressed in therapy to make the battle against drugs an easier endeavor. One of the main issues that the LGBTQ community are facing on a daily basis is that of discrimination. For any sober living situation, the client needs to feel completely comfortable and at peace with their living arrangements in order to be able to be successful in their journey of recovery.


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